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Ceragres: custom garden landscaping in ceramic and natural stone

For more than 40 years, pool builders, garden designers, gardening contractors and families have trusted Ceragres to provide their ceramic and natural stone garden landscaping and garden finishing. All over Europe. Why? Our qualified team promises top-notch, in-house custom work, professional support and solid service. We also deliver promptly and in good time, all the way to your garden or patio, and we guarantee competitive prices. Effortlessly create an outdoor space exactly the way you want it with our garden landscaping solutions.

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Do you want to build a pool or lay a garden path, driveway or patio? Our patio tiles or garden tiles are exactly what you need.

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If you want to build a garden pond, swimming pond or swimming pool, it’s best to finish it with smart pond or pool edging. That gives your outdoor pool a hint of glamour and makes it more comfortable when you go for a dip or lounge beside the pool.

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Want clear separations between your lawn, flowerbed, garden path, pond and gravelled surface? It’s easy with our borders and edging.

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There is an easy, attractive way to deal with differences of height in the garden: natural stone steps. You’ll have no trouble making your way to a patio, balcony or front door that is higher up or lower down.

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Pebbles, shingle, (decorative) gravel, crushed rock or (decorative) chippings: in the past these forms of garden landscaping material were only for castle grounds and public parks. Now they are increasingly used in private gardens too. These small stones are ideal for laying a drive, garden, flowerbed, garden path or patio.

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Do you want to build a raised border, pond or planter? Or create your own outdoor steps, garden wall or garden bench? Get the job done fast with our wall blocks.

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Flagstones are unique eye-catchers in your garden. This form of garden landscaping is a quick way to create playful garden paths as well as authentic patios.

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Bricks or cobbles in brick format are pure classics with timeless appeal. Although they are all the same shape and size, you can create plenty of variation and dynamics in the garden with this form of garden landscaping.

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Garden landscaping and finishing materials made of

Natural stone is the gorgeous result of a geological process that takes many millennia. Even after all those years, you see the glory of nature in these stones: from fossils, veins and crystals to fascinating imperfections. Natural stone garden landscaping is especially charming, durable and robust.

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Unlike natural stone, ceramic tiles are artificially produced by human beings. Ceramic garden landscaping materials are hard, non-porous, easy to care for, hygienic, colourfast and resistant to heat, frost, water, scratches and stains.

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